“Introducing free play into our school was the best thing possible, it has become a fantastic part of both school and children’s lives.”

Creating the conditions for children to engage in free play with loose parts during school hours brings multiple benefits for children, schools and families. The research strand of our Erasmus+ funded loose parts play project with Windygoul primary school and partners in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia shows multiple benefits of loose parts play:

Children enjoy playtime more, especially with the exercise of agency.
Teachers are more appreciative of play.
Children’s play is more varied.
Children are less reliant on adults when playing.
Children are more co-operative when playing.
Parents are supportive of loose parts play.
Climate awareness and sustainable thinking are integrated easily through loose parts play.

Click the links below to read the research and recommendations paper and summary:

Erasmus loose parts play research and recommendations summary

Erasmus loose parts play research and recommendations 2023

A project website will be launched soon with information and resources, backed up with research, to support more schools to introduce loose parts play.

The graph above shows the variety of play types evident after a year of loose parts play in a pilot school.